Rachel eats

Almond Jello – Perfect for hot weather

Yes, that's right, almond jello! Made with whatever milk your choose! Great for parties, summer bbq, or just for snack on at home. Growing up I looked forward to the summer activities because I knew I would find a huge bowl of almond jello on the table. Almond jello is great alone or top it off with fruit cocktail or your favorite seasonal fruit! Come join me as I share one of my summer staples with you!

The Lai Times

June Favorites (My Birthday Month!!)

My birthday month was so much fun! Spending the first part of June back in Sacramento was great! I was able to see my grandparents and catch up with all my college friends! I was even reunited with my best friend who is living in South Korea. The rest of the month was spent spending quality time with my family and just enjoying summer.

Travel Lai Way

Next Stop: Sacramento, CA

It was so good to be back in Sacramento after being gone for 6 months! And being able to see both my best friends again was great! This was a much needed get together after studying hard for 6 months straight! We all had so much fun eating, shopping, and catching up with everyone! Can't wait until we all get together again!!