The Lai Times

2018 Fashion Favorites

2018 was a year of self-discovery, finding myself back in my hometown, and being comfortable in my own skin. After graduating and moving back to sunny California, but closet went through a re-evaluation and only the things I loved got to stay! Join me as I share the fashion items I LOVED during 2018!

The Lai Times, Travel Lai Way

Festive Holiday Adventures

A day fully packed with holiday spirit! An early morning to see the Christmas parade and a late night to see the amazing house decorations and Christmas lights! Come along with me as I go on a festive holiday adventure!!

The Lai Times, Travel Lai Way

Newport Beach Weekend Adventures

Last weekend I got to show my Japanese exchange student friends around Newport! We had so much fun exploring the beach, pier, shopping, and ofcourse eating! Come along with me as I take you through our weekend in Newport Beach!

Lai Beauty

Updated Skincare Routine

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, my skincare routine changes as well. Plus keeping up with two part-time physical therapy aide jobs has taken some stress on my skin. These new additions to my skincare routine has really helped me with my dryness, acne, and tired eyes. Come join me as I show you my updated skincare routine for the cooler weather.