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Life Update: Exciting times!!

Finally, 7 months after college, something new is happening! I'm not sure if I'm fully prepared for what is about to happen, but I'm excited! After graduation I had a hard time adjusting to life back home, but as with all things: when there is a dip, there is always a rise. Hopefully this rise will show me a path to my future self. Where ever you are in life, I wish you the best! YOU CAN DO IT!

R's Health & Lifestyle

A Healthy Body for You

A new series where you can learn tips, exercises, recipes, and gain hopefully new information to kick-start your journey to finding your healthy body. Remember, body transformations don't happen in one day, taking your time ensures a healthy transformation that won't have you quitting halfway through. Come join me as I share some tips I've learned over the years as a Kinesiology Exercise Science student and as an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist!