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Festive Holiday Adventures

A day fully packed with holiday spirit! An early morning to see the Christmas parade and a late night to see the amazing house decorations and Christmas lights! Come along with me as I go on a festive holiday adventure!!

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Easy Pumpkin Walnut Pecan Bread

Easy gluten-free baking thanks to Trader Joes'! Their pumpkin bread & muffin baking mix allows you to make our house smell warm and delicious! I love using their baking mix as base for desserts and snacks like this pumpkin walnut pecan bread. The crumble topping makes this even more delicious! Stop by your Trader Joes' to pick up a box of this gluten-free baking mix and get baking!

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Coffee & Fig Ice Cream – No Churn

One way I like to spend a summer day, is with a huge bowl of ice cream! This coffee & fig ice cream hits every taste bud in your mouth. I love the coffee-milky flavor with the bursts of dark chocolate and fig jam! Come join me in making this simple no-churn ice cream in your own kitchen!

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Almond Jello – Perfect for hot weather

Yes, that's right, almond jello! Made with whatever milk your choose! Great for parties, summer bbq, or just for snack on at home. Growing up I looked forward to the summer activities because I knew I would find a huge bowl of almond jello on the table. Almond jello is great alone or top it off with fruit cocktail or your favorite seasonal fruit! Come join me as I share one of my summer staples with you!

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Our favorite Carrot Cake!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! This weekend we celebrated all the Mothers in our family and some birthdays with this wonderfully moist and delicious carrot cake topped with freshly toasted coconut! Such an easy cake recipe and with cream cheese frosting plus toasted coconut you can't go wrong. So happy we could share our favorite cake recipe with all our relatives!!