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Exercise Transforms Everything

Finding the right exercise for your body is life changing. So often we are caught up in trying to do what others do, but don't see the same results as them. The problem isn't in trying to follow them, but expecting the same results as them. It may take some trial and error until you find what your body reacts to and that's okay. This is my journey to finding exercises that are right for my body. Come along with me and you might find something new that will work for you as well.

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Cheerleading Changed My Life

Most of my character is due to being a part of a team sport growing up and how being a part of a team influences your choices and attitude. Cheerleading was a huge part of my life along with gymnastics and without it, I would probably not be who I am today. Being a part of a team teaches you teamwork, gratitude, trust, leadership, and love. Though being a cheerleader was hard and demanding I wouldn't change those years for anything!