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September Favorites

September was a super busy month! I started two new jobs, in two different locations, my car and I have become best friends. A little sad...but I've eaten more meals in the car driving to my jobs that at a table. This month was all about transitions and I'm happy that it's over now. Come join me as I take you through the things I loved during this past month!

Rachel eats

Strawberry Fig Oatmeal Morning Bars

My new breakfast item! Perfect for the incoming Autumn weather! When the mornings start to get a little chillier, I usually like to get out my tub of oatmeal and make a fresh pot of oatmeal to start off my day. These Strawberry Fig Oatmeal Morning Bars are perfect for these chillier mornings! The combination of the oatmeal crust with the warm fruit filling all with a slightly sweet, but crunchy crumble is just the BEST! And it doesn't stop there, you can even double the portions and make this as a dessert and serve it with your favorite vanilla ice cream! YUM! Come join me as we make early mornings a little more enjoyable!

Rachel eats

Morning Chocolate Protein Waffles

With work starting again and friends are going back to school, these chocolate protein waffles are perfect to keep you going until your lunch break. This recipe is simple and easy to make on the weekend, so all you have to do is pop it in the toaster in the morning. Or if you are looking for another way to use your protein power, try it in your waffle! Come join me as I make some breakfast without all the added sugar!

Rachel eats

Banana Rice Waffles – GF

Waffles for breakfast? Waffles for dinner? These banana rice waffles mixed in a blender can't make it any easier to make waffles any time of the day! And these gluten-free waffles are full of flavor from the banana, rice, and cinnamon. And as summer is coming up fast, big breakfast meals are going to be back fast as everyone will be off from school. And for those that miss out on waffle breakfast, waffle dinner is definitely something my family likes to do every so often. Next time you and your family are planning breakfast, think about these banana rice waffles! Super delicious and fluffy!!