The Lai Times, Travel Lai Way

Festive Holiday Adventures

A day fully packed with holiday spirit! An early morning to see the Christmas parade and a late night to see the amazing house decorations and Christmas lights! Come along with me as I go on a festive holiday adventure!!

The Lai Times, Travel Lai Way

Newport Beach Weekend Adventures

Last weekend I got to show my Japanese exchange student friends around Newport! We had so much fun exploring the beach, pier, shopping, and ofcourse eating! Come along with me as I take you through our weekend in Newport Beach!

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Next Stop: Sacramento, CA

It was so good to be back in Sacramento after being gone for 6 months! And being able to see both my best friends again was great! This was a much needed get together after studying hard for 6 months straight! We all had so much fun eating, shopping, and catching up with everyone! Can't wait until we all get together again!!