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Christmas Cake Toppers – Caking At Home

Big thank you to every one who has supported my family’s Kickstarter and now our store on Etsy! And for those that do not know about it, my family started an Etsy store selling 3d printed cake toppers.

Our most popular ones (from our kickstarter) are our number candle holding cake toppers! Great for celebrating birthdays, and they are reusable!

For the winter season, we launched our new winter cake toppers. Choose from polar bears, reindeers, penguins, and festive trees and igloos to decorate your desserts this season!

We’re doing give aways for the Christmas season! Go to our Instagram @cakingathome to enter!!

We also created cake toppers to turn your cake into a reindeer!

And we also created a cake toppers to recreate the Nativity scene!

If you are interested in buying any of our items, our store is called Caking At Home, and for my followers I have a special code to get you free standard shipping! Type in ‘LAIONEANDONLY’ to get free shipping on 2 or more items!! This code only last until the end of December so buy soon if you want to get it before the end of the year!!

And when you use the cake toppers don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @cakingathome and @_rachel_lai so we can see how you decorated your desserts with our toppers!

Ever day, Lai day! Are you excited for Christmas?!

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