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Festive Holiday Adventures

As Christmas is around the corner, there are so many things that I love doing around this holiday season! Seeing all the Christmas lights, house decorations, parades, and holiday baking!


Yesterday was a day full of holiday festivities! We started our day at the Whittier Uptown Christmas Parade, had a nice afternoon shopping for gifts, chatting with cakes, and finishing the long day in Brea to see all the Christmas light and house decorations in Eagle Hill, and warming up with a bowl of ramen.


Whittier Uptown Christmas Parade

On the way to picking up my friend, we stopped by Pepe’s to take out some huge breakfast burritos! One of our favorite places to get Mexican food in Fullerton, then made our way to the parade route! We haven’t been to this parade in a long time, but it was so much fun sitting and seeing all the marching bands, floats, and dance groups perform. Good thing we brought our breakfast burritios and coffee with us, because it was so crowded and spots were tight! But luckily we found a nice spot on the grass and laid our blanket out and ate breakfast while enjoying the parade.



Bakers & Barirstas (Artesia, CA)

This is hands down the only place I go to when I want a nice big slice of cake! My friend from Japan and I came here after finishing our Christmas shopping. I love the variety of cakes you can choose from, and their flavors aren’t your standard cake flavors which I LOVE! Their slices of cake are around $7-8, but the slices are so huge that it’s worth the price! We ordered a slice of Cookies n’ Cream and Tiramisu! The Cookies n’ Cream cake is seriously the best! The chocolate cakes layers are super moist, dense, and full of rich chocolate flavor! And the Tiramisu cake comes with a pipette of espresso so you can add extra coffee flavor to the cake if you like. We stayed there for a couple hours, resting our feet from shopping, chatting about school…life….things we like to eat, the normal girl talk.


Brea Christmas Lights – Eagel Hill

My friend and I were suppose to go see the Christmas tree lighting in Anahiem, but we stayed out too long eating cake and shopping, that we didn’t make it there in time. So instead, we came back to my house, grabbed a fully charged portable charger and went with my older sister to see the light decorations and displays in Brea. We weren’t sure what to expect since there weren’t too many comments about this place online, but when we got there the place was hoppin! You can either drive the entire neighborhood or park across the street and walk to the front of the neighborhood. We saw so many families pulling this little kids in wagons, all snuggled up with fluffly blankets and hot chocoalte. The houses were AMAZING! And it seemed so magical that a huge neighborhood would decorate and put on a display like this every year for so many people to enjoy. They don’t sell food or hot drinks here like some other places I’ve been to, so make sure to bring a hot cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate to keep your hands warm. We were definitely freezing, but see all the lights and decorations were well worth it!


What’s Up Japanese Noodles

From Brea we drove back to Fullerton to drop off my friend at her apartment, but before that, we stopped by this little Japanese ramen place to warm up! If you come here, make sure to check the live waitlist time on Yelp and get our name of on the list. The place a pretty small, so make sure to get on the waitlist before you arrive and then when you arrive make sure to check-in inside so they know you have arrived. If you have to wait outside in the cold, it’s not too bad since they have two huge fire warmers to keep you toasty until their call your party’s name. I ordered the Miso ramen and it was so yummy, and definitely warmed us all up after being outside in the cold for 3 hours.


I love productive days like this! Though it may take a little bit more planning, the pay off is always worth it! As this is the first full year I’ve been home since graduating from college, this Christmas has been especially special to me. I so happy I have been able to see such amazing lights and decorations, and spend lots of quality time with friends and family!

Every day, Lai day! Stay warm this Christmas!

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