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Newport Beach Weekend Adventures

This past weekend, my older sister and I got to go around Newport with our friends from Japan, who are studying here in America as exchange students. It’s not too often we get to go around like tourists, so exploring Newport together was lot of fun!

On their bucket list, was going to the beach to see the sea and to explore around the OC (Orange County). They really liked watching the show ‘The OC’ and ‘ Gossip Girl’, so they really wanted to see where they filmed the show ‘The OC’. We got to show them Balboa Peir (which is where they went a lot in the show, but they didn’t actually film at the real Balboa Pier, they just used the name), it’s autumn/winter now so it was really windy and cold there, but they still loved the view. We walked on the peir and got a Ruby’s Oreo milk shake to share, even though it was freezing outside, we enjoyed the creamy shake together!


We went down to the water, even though we were not in sand attire shoes and took pictures by the sea and under the pier. Going to the beach during winter time, is probably one of my favorite things. I’m not too much of a fan of the beach during summer, because it’s so hot and my body gets over heated easily so I can’t stay out in the sun long. And I get sunburned pretty easily even with sunscreen on, but during winter I can enjoy the cool breeze and the ocean sounds. It’s so calming and relaxing out there, just sitting on the beach listening to the waves, holding a hot drink.



After the Newport beach, we went shopping for some winter clothes for them, since they will be going to New York to see the ball drop on New Years day. Hearing from my cousins that went there before during the New Years, it’s freezing and the winds are really harsh, so were on a hunt to find our Japanese friends some warm padding jackets, scarves, hats, and thermal pants.


I love the holiday season, because the decorations everywhere are just so nice and the atmosphere feels so happy. We took pictures with the huge Christmas tree and all the different Christmas store front displays.


When it was time for dinner, we took them to my sister’s and my favorite Italian place, North Italia. I ordered short rib with sweet potato noodles, I love that they have gluten-free options, such as gluten-free, sweet potato, or zucchini pasta. And since one of their birthdays is early December, we decided to celebrate it with dessert. It was so much fun to sing happy birthday and suprise her! Can’t wait for our next adventure together!

Every day, Lai day! What do you have planned for the holidays?

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