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Best Friend Weekend – B.A.P. Concert & Disney!

Last weekend my best friend, Nikki and I found ourselves in the car going to Indio, California to see a Korean idol boy group, which sparked one of our first conversations back in college orientation Summer of 2012. Which is crazy since, now thinking back to that time, this group just debut and was fresh to the Kpop scene. B.A.P. (Best. Absolute. Perfect), is a group that we listened to all during college. So being able to see them together felt like a full circle of the beginning of our friendship!

A couple weeks ago while I was at work, I got a call from Nikki (which I didn’t pick up since I was working), but later texted back during my break, only to find out that she won free tickets to B.A.P.’s concert in Indio! Literally shocked! Because she and I always enter Instagram or Twitter giveaways for tickets or merchandise, but of course never win. So hearing that she won, we were super excited! Especially since this was the group that got us talking together in the first place 6 years ago.

Fast forward to last weekend, I picked her up at the airport, went to brunch at this cute breakfast place in Long Beach (Coffee Cup Cafe) and spent the rest of the day exploring around. However, since this was a Korean group, and we won the tickets over Twitter…we didn’t actually get the confirmation about the tickets until the night before the concert…which was super crazy and we actually planned to just go to Disneyland instead, since she already flew down here. Then we were torn between going to Disney or tagging along with a friend to Indio (since it’s like in the middle of nowhere…) and we weren’t even sure if the email confirmation would work to get us into the concert since it seemed really sketchy. So after a lot of back and forth with the group’s American management for the concert tour and the ticketing people, we decided we should just try and go and see if it works. (We also heard that the management was kind of disorganized, which meant the concert wasn’t sold out like we thought it would be, but we were grateful for the chance to see them in concert! And for free!)

However, we ended up going to the concert and had the best time there, even if the venue was super far. We wanted to see them so badly (especially since their contract is up with their current entertainment company in South Korea, we don’t know if we would ever see them live). I’m so glad we took the risk to see them, they were so good live, and you could see the passion in their eyes and how much they waited to see their American fans! They are so good to the fans and even if the translator for the concert wasn’t the greatest (Thank goodness we understand quite a bit of Korean) everyone seemed to have a great time singing along and dancing in the crowd.

The weekend ended with lots of food, going to Downtown Disney and catching up with my best friend! It was so much fun to see Downtown Disney all decorated for the season and seeing all the new shops that they added to the place! This new Disney Home store is like home goals! If you are a Disney fan, you should come check this store out! All the Christmas decorations are up inside and all the holiday things you could ever dream of are there as well!

Every day, Lai day! How was your weekend?

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