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October Favorites

Ah… October, the month of pumpkin flavored everything and all the cozy vibes. Since graduating in December of 2017, this is my first almost full year being back at home in sunny Southern California. If I were still in school, by now the weather would have dropped 20-30 degrees and I would have already swapped out all my summer clothes for thick sweaters and warm boots. However, that is not the case this year… just yesterday we had a high of 85 degrees and full sunshine. So, because of the weather, it doesn’t feel as autumnal as I would like it to be…


Though I like the sunny weather, I love the chilly sweater weather! Being in cozy jumpers and long coats with scarves! Hopefully, as we get deeper into November, the weather here will get a little cooler and I can bring out some of my lighter sweaters.


The month of October has really made me miss living in Sacramento. Though I am still in California, as I talked a lot about this before on my blog, Nothern and Southern California weather is very different. In Northern California, we get to live through all the seasons, with the exception of snow (but we do get hail). I loved seeing the trees on campus change from green to yellow and red, to brown. But, down in Southern California, especially where I live, the trees don’t change color….just all green or quickly changing to brown and then dropping. It’s a little hard to get into the cozy vibes when it’s still 85 degrees and I’m still wearing shorts and t-shirts.

However, even with the warm weather, I’ve been using and loving lots of things this month to make it feel like it’s a cool Autumn outside!


Trader Joes’ Pumpkin Spice Coffee
I have loved this for years! During college, I would stock up on this coffee to get me through the winter, since they only bring this coffee out in October. It’s a smooth medium-dark roast coffee with hints of orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, and pumpkin spice. Just of the coffee itself smells delightful and then when it is brewing, it fills your kitchen with the most autumnal smell! I just love it! If you want to see other pumpkin flavored things I like at Trader Joes read my Easy Pumpkin Walnut Pecan Bread blog! Then your whole house will smell of pumpkin autumnal goodness!


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
If you read my Updated Skincare Routine, I talked about how I have been loving this addition to my skincare. It’s been over 3 months since I started using this product and mid-way through this month I started to really see this product working! A lot of my acne scars have faded and I when I do start seeing some spots, they go away a lot quicker than usual. My overall skin tone has also evened out and the redness that I usually always have on my cheeks and around my nose has calmed down so much, that this month I’ve been only using some BB cream for my dark circles and letting the rest of my skin breathe.


Caking at Home
This month, my family finally launched our Kickstarter for our 3D printed candle-holding cake toppers! Since it launched we have heard a lot of great feedback and are excited to share our products with all of you once our Kickstart period is over this Thursday. Our website is in the works, and will be up and running once the Kickstart period is over so you can purchase any of the products featured on the Kickstarter or on Instagram! (I’ll write another blog post once the website is live so you can look around and buy anything you like!) As the holidays are coming up, we are trying to create some special cake toppers to fit in with the season! Fingers crossed that we finish the final touches in time for the holidays!


Who What Wear at Target
If you follow me on Instagram (@laioneandonly), then you know how much I have been loving the Who What Wear line at Target! One of my favorite items has been this black dress, with this large lace-up detail on the front! I am around 5ft 1in, and this dress hits me at a perfect place, I always love a good midi dress. And you can’t tell from this picture, BUT this dress has pockets! Yes, pockets! When shopping for dresses, if they have pockets, I’m more likely to buy it than not. I love buying transitional pieces like this one, where I can wear it during the hot summer or pair it with a t-shirt or turtleneck during the cooler months.

What have you been doing to get you or your house ready for the holidays? I’m just counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Every day, Lai day! Looking forward to the Starbucks holiday drinks!

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