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What’s in my bag: work edition

Since I’ve started working again about 2 months ago, my work bag has been the topic of many conversations. Probably because it’s yellow and when I wear it, it looks like I have a giant banana on my back. But, however the conversation starts, it always leads to “what do you have in your bag?”. If you read my recent blog post, my September Favorites, then some of these items may seem familiar.

For this post, I dumped everything out of my bag and took the pictures after arranging the items, that way its an accurate depiction of what I carry around.

The bag I use for work is my yellow fanny-pack inspired bag from Urban Outfitters. It has one large zipper pocket and a smaller zipper pocket in front, inside there is a small pouch where I store most of my lip products and lotions.

Lip products and lotions:

  • Carmex Classic Lip Balm
  • Glossier Balm Dotcom
  • Blistex Medicated Lip Balm – SPF 15
  • Whamisa Green Tea Moisturizer – sample size
  • Clarins Multi-Active Jour – SPF 20
  • L’Occitane Ultra Thirst-quenching gel  (I finished the product then filled it with my Pond’s Dry Skin Cream)

I don’t know why I have so many different lip products and lotions, but over the 2 months this is what ended up in my bag. I like having a lip balm that has SPF in it since when I’m driving to work the sun is so strong that I want to protect my lips from getting sunburned (suncream for your face, but your lips also need protection from the sun!). At work, the A/C is super strong, which makes my already dry skin even drier. Which is why I carry so many face lotions. One to re-moisturizer my face and another for extra sun protection.

I always make sure my little tin of Altoids is full. Nothing is worse then snacking on something, then not having a mint to freshen up your mouth before going back out to the patients. I’m a little suprised that I didn’t have more snacks in my bag, since I’m always snacking, but it’s probably because I ate them all on Friday and haven’t restocked my bag. I usually try to make sure there is some kind of snack in my bag, either some nuts/dried fruit/fruit snack. These Mott’s fruit snacks have been my go-to for a while, they are super chewy and I like all the flavors!

My Typo mini planner is always with me. I used to only use my calendar on my phone, but having a paper planner has made me more organized because sometimes I don’t always have my phone on me. And having a paper planner allows me to make quick changes to plans or write down some notes.

I always have a selection of pens in my bag since pens always seem to go missing at work. So having extra pens with you is always helpful! And it seems like someone always needs to use a pen around me, so having more than one is good too!

In a small pill box, I carry with me Ibuprofen, a generic allergy medicine, and usually some lactase-enzyme digestive supplements for when I eat something that has dairy in it. I usually try to not eat any milk products, but sometimes the craving of ice cream wins over. And I always make sure I have some band-aids with me. You never know when you’re gonna get a paper cut or wear some new shoes and need some extra padding around your heels or ankles.

Next, is my Kate Spade polka dot zipper wallet. I love that it has a zipper to close the wallet! It allows me to stuff the wallet with as much as I can and zip it close, so nothing falls out. Probably not what the zipper design is for, but its great!

Lastly, is this small dark blue pouch. Inside I have my pads and liners, anti-bacterial gel, a L’oreal nude balm for some color, and a L’Occoitane hand and nail cream. If I ever need to make touch ups in the bathroom, I just bring this small pouch with me instead of carrying my entire work bag into the bathroom.

Along with my work bag, I usually have my Starbuck’s tumblr filled with hot coffee, my Hydroflask for water, and my lunch bag for my lunch and more snacks. Which is why I love this work bag, I can sling it around my back and have my arms and hands free to carry my lunch bag, sometimes a snack bag, and my two drinks.

What do you carry in your work bag? Is it any different to what you would carry in your purse??

Every day, Lai day! Are you are hand bag or cross-body bag or a back pack kind of person?

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