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September Favorites

September was a super busy month for me, starting my job as a Physical Therapy Aide at two different locations, trying to get used to driving more than 10 minutes, and that early wake-up time…

Though it was busy, that means it was also super productive — waking up at 6:20AM, changing into my work clothes, heating up my breakfast (Strawberry Fig Oatmeal Morning Bars), making coffee, and driving to work while eating breakfast. Getting back into the working world after a couple of months was a little hard, but now that the month is over, I feel that it was pretty smooth.

A lot of my favorites this month were selected due to my change in lifestyle now that I’m working again! I hope you enjoy reading what I loved this month, everything below allowed me to survive this crazy month!

Urban Outfitter: Large Shoulder Bag
I love this bag! The fanny-pack style shape makes it easy to use and because it sits across your back, you are hands-free to carry your lunch bag, coffee, and water bottle all without having to worry that your strap will fall down or that one arm will be heavier than the other. This bag has one large compartment and a smaller one in front to hold little things like my lip balm, name badges, mints, and hair ties/bobby pins.

Typo: Mini Glitter Planner
This planner has been a game changer! When I was in school, I would always buy a planner or use the free one the schools game us, but after a few weeks, I would forget to use it and then never carry it with me again. One reason might have been the size of my previous planners, they were just too big that it would only fit in my backpack. So if I wanted to change bags for school, that would have been one more thing I would have to carry in my arms. This mini planner fits in all of my bags, purses, backpacks, and with the thick plastic cover, it is keeping up well with my bag changes. The best part of this planner is how its layout inside. I love the large rectangles inside, with one large month view at the beginning of each month, and there are quotes here and there all around (even blank spots where I can write some of my favorites inspirational quotes!).

B12 Vitamin
Because I am working two part-time jobs, it’s like I have one full-time job in two locations. However, that also means that I’m working about two 5 hour shifts each and eating my breakfast and lunch in the car to make sure that I get to the job location on time. Some people call that crazy, but I decided to take this year off for a reason. To not have to worry about anything but gaining experience to apply for a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program next year. My undergraduate years were great and I learned a lot, but I lacked hands-on experience in the field. When I’m feeling low on energy, I tell myself to stay hydrated and during my lunch drive, I will usually take a B12 vitamin to give me the energy for my next job. And no need to worry about sleep, because I love to sleep and will go to bed super early just to make sure I get my 8-9 hours.

Strawberry Fig Oatmeal Morning Bars
I have been eating the same thing for breakfast this entire month. Using my Strawberry Fig Oatmeal Morning Bars as a guide recipe, I’ve made this with just strawberries, sometimes blueberries, or even using a frozen berry mix. And same goes for the granola crust on the bottom, I’ve added chopped walnuts, almonds, pecans, chia seeds, or flax seeds into the mix. When I see that I only have 2-3 squares left in the freezer, I will make a new batch at night time, allow them to cool fully, then cut them into squares and keep them in the freezer until I need them in the morning. Having a full nutritious breakfast ready means I wake up, pop a square in the microwave for 90 seconds, turn on my coffee machine, and run back to my room to change.

Bath & Body Works: Stress Relief Body Cream
I bought this mainly because my little sister and I love the scent of eucalyptus mint and Bath & Body Works only have that scent for candles, body wash, room sprays, and for their scent plug-ins. And after looking around the shop for a while with my little sister, a helpful worker showed us this body cream. Which made my little sister and I laugh so much because she always says high school is so stressful and I always tell her, she can’t be more stressed than me. So for this entire month, we have both been enjoying this bottle of stress relief cream. I usually use it at night time, the scent helps me fall to sleep better than the scent of lavender, but my little sister likes to use it in the morning. She says it helps ward off the stress that might come during classes.

I know last month I showed you some things that I was excited to use this month and sadly I wasn’t able to try everything due to my busy schedule, but here are some of the things I was able to try:

Missha: All Around Safe Block Sun Essence Sun
I have been using this every day this past month and it has been great! It keeps my skin nice and hydrated, doesn’t leave a white cast, and absorbs easily into my skin. Highly, highly recommend, especially as the weather starts to cool down, we need to keep our skin hydrated and protected. Even though you might not see the sun during Autumn and Winter, you should still use a suncream to protect your skin.

Trader Joes: Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum
This was good, but not sure how well it really worked and it didn’t work well with most of my other skincare products. For some reason, every product used after this wouldn’t absorb into my skin, but to sit on top or even ball up. And if I used it on its own without any other serums and just moisturizer and suncream, my skin would get dry and flake off around my nose, mouth, chin, and forehead. Which is not a good look when you are at work…those days I would be in the bathroom trying to apply moisturizer from a mini sample I always keep with me, but sometimes it wouldn’t be enough and I would have to apply again. So maybe it is good, but not great for my skin type (dry-combination).

Hope you all had a great September! And will have an even better October!

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Every day, Lai day! I’m so ready for pumpkin flavored everything!

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