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August Favorites – 2018

And another month has passed, now I’m just waiting to see if the leaves will turn color before they drop. This is the first time in about 5 years that I’m home for the Autumn/Fall season. Back while I was in college in Sacramento, CA, my campus was covered with all types of trees and when it was Autumn our campus was one of the most beautiful things ever! I graduated at the end of December, so I was lucky enough to take my graduation pictures will all the beautiful Autumn leaf colors. My friends and I spent all afternoon, running around campus trying to find spots that had the most tree colors, and really made this photoshoot magical!


My best friend scared me from behind while we were taking pictures

Growing up in Southern California, especially where I live, our trees don’t really change color before they fall off — they just end up brown on the ground. And my city, I feel like prides its self on being green all year round, like the plants they plant are green and only green. However, now that I’ve experienced the changing of the tree colors for 5 years, I think I’m going to really miss seeing the colors change, maybe I’ll have to venture out to see the colors change nearby.

This past month my sisters and I did quite the traveling, which was so much fun because it felt like the last hurrah before my little sister went back to school and we both went back to work. Here’s a little flashback of everywhere we went:

Next stop: San Diego, CA


I also watched the LA Sparks win their basketball game with some of my cousins! Thanks to my older sister’s boyfriend we got such great seats!


Then we were lucky enough to visit the Maurice & Paul Marciano Art Foundation! I just loved all the contemporary art inside, but my favorite had to be the Yayoi Kusama exhibit on the 3rd floor, where they showcased the “With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever”. It was such a fun exhibit to see and experience. If you have a chance to visit, I would highly recommend! Go visit my IG @laioneandonly, where I have been posting lots of art from MAF.


If I had my own house, I would love to have this piece displayed on the wall!


Below is Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit, it was such a fun place — decorated with polka dots (because I love my self some polka dots!). There are 3 different tulips in the exhibit, all covered with polka dots. You have to put on shoe covers to protect the art (because there are polka dots on the ground as well), and you have 2 minutes inside the exhibit, but if there is no line, the workers let you come out and enter again.


And now onto the things I’ve been loving during the month of August!


Cinnamon coffee in the morning! I haven’t always like cinnamon, but once I had a Cinnabon iced coffee while shopping and I was hooked! I brew my coffee normally, add in some creamer and then add a little dash of cinnamon on top. It’s a subtle hint of flavor but so satisfying.


If you follow me on my IG @laioneandonly then you know how much I’ve been loving this bag. My sisters got this for my birthday and I have been using it non-stop! It’s a pretty decent size, about a foot tall and 4 inches wide, but it can hold so much more inside. I’m not sure the exact one my sisters bought me, but they said they got it from Amazon, so here is a link of one that looks very similar to the one I have. And I love that it has both handles and a crossbody strap that you can hide inside, so you can wear it however you want!


I have been loving these two Benefit products, the Dandelion blush and the Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter. I have pretty fair/light skin so sometimes blush can look a little crazy on me even with a light hand, but I love how this blush looks on my skin and gives me a little color to look alive. And I was super excited when they launched a highlighter to this Dandelion range! It’s subtle but gives me what I need! I work in a clinic, so having dramatic blush and highlighter isn’t really the most professional look…


This is another combo that I loved when my sisters and I were traveling. Having stick make-up is great for travel and it’s so easy to use! The NYX stick blush in 05 Tea Rose is the perfect slightly flushed color! I use it after my cushion foundation or bb cream and it doesn’t mess up the layer below, AND it’s super easy to blend out. And for that dewy highlight, my Nature Republic Botanical Stick Highlighter in 02 Shine Gold is my go-to. Easy to travel with, easy to blend, can’t complain. Just love this combo!


For some reason, this Summer there were so many mosquitos! And they just love my blood…unfortunately. This favorite came as a recommendation from my older sister, who has traveled around the world a lot and used to live where mosquitos love to hang out. I love that it’s a sunscreen and an insect repellent in one, it’s not sticky or heavy feeling and is easy to apply. Before I step outside my house, I make sure to apply this 30 minutes before!


This hair oil has done wonders to my hair in this humid summer heat. It’s super light and makes my hair feel wonderful! After washing my hair, I apply about 3-4 squirts of this in my hand and work it into my hair, focusing on the mid-length and tips. And when I wake up, if my hair is looking a little frizzy from the humidity, I add another squirt and work it into my hair. I love that you can use this on both damp and dry hair to help give shine and tame your frizziness. I can definitely see and feel a difference when I use this at night time, I wake up and my hair just feels soft and well nourished.

These aren’t favorites yet, but I thought I would also share things that I’m looking forward to using in the next month. Then for next month’s favorites, you can see if they made the cut! Or maybe at the end of next month’s favorite, I’ll add a little review of each product.


My older sister gifted this to me from The Daily Grace Co. and I’m excited to start this new bible study in September! They were having a 1+1 deal, where you buy a journal and get a bible study for free. That deal is sadly over, but right now they are having a “Back to School deal” where most of their bible studies are on sale. If you are looking for a new bible study, check out The Daily Grace Co. they have a huge variety of studies, verse cards, and journals.


Sharing a room with my little sister, we go through sunscreen quick! Especially with how sunny it’s been this past month. We are now on the last drops of our Missha All Around Safe Block No Sebum Suncream and it was time to buy a new one. Since summer is almost over and we both have dry/combination skin, I decided to try the Missha All Around Safe Block Sun Essence Sun. Because soon it’s gonna get slightly cooler, I thought the added Essence would help hydrate our skin.


While browsing around Trader Joes, I came across this: Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum, and since we also on the last few drops of our beloved Mizon Hyaluronic Acid 100 decided to give this a try.

I love discovering and try new products, so if you have any recommendations for me to try, comment down below and I would love to check them out!

Every day, Lai day! Good luck to those going back to school!

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