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July Favorites

And another hot month has passed…which is crazy because I feel like I was just watching fireworks shoot up in the sky for Fourth of July. This month has been crazy, stressful, and so hot that we actually turned on our air conditioner (and we never turn it on…).

It has been about 7 months since I graduated from college and moved back to Southern California, and it’s about time I start looking for a real job. I was lucky enough not to have to worry about money during college, but now that I’m back home it’s time to pull my weight in this 6 person family.

I spent most of July revamping my resume, creating cover letters, and emailing my older brother to revise and give tips on what I have done. As I’m back on track to applying to Physical Therapy school and getting my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, some work needs to be put in and I thought the best way to gain more experience in the field is to become a Physical Therapy Aide. Within the first two weeks of July, I had applied to over 50+ jobs, all with the job title of either a Physical Therapy Aide or Rehab Aide. It is now the end of the month and I have had several promising interviews, so hopefully, I will have a job soon and can start putting away money to contribute to the expensive tuition of  Physical Therapy school.

And now that we are all caught up on life, let’s begin this month’s favorites!


Kwailnara Rice Brightening Skin – I justed finished my Son&Park Beauty Water which is really good and will repurchase in the future, but this is about another beauty water. While walking through our local Marshalls store, my older sister and I found some Korean beauty products on the shelf and decided to give them a go! I’m all for products with rice water because it’s known to brighten skin and is really gentle. I haven’t heard much about this brand, but I’ve been using it for a month now and my skin hasn’t broken out or gotten irritated. Another great thing is that it doesn’t have a strong scent…actually I don’t think it has a scent at all. I have noticed that my some acne scars have faded on my forehead and chin area, not sure if it’s because of this product or my skin regenerating, but I’m going to keep using this and let you all know. I use this as my first step of skin care after washing my face, I dampen the entire cotton square and gently swipe it all over my face and neck. If you are in the market for some inexpensive but good skincare, go look at your Marshalls or Ross store!


Cosrx  Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask – this is one of my holy grail products! And I love that they repackaged it into a squeeze bottle rather than the pot that it used to come in. And as you know from reading above I love skincare with rice water! Rice water, not widely known but many cultures have been using rice water for ages, to help improve skin texture, redness, and heal acne. I love this overnight mask because you don’t need to use a lot, but when you wake up in the morning you can see a difference. I have been using this for years and it has never failed me. After my skincare routine, I’ll apply a thin amount over my moisturizer to lock it in and increase hydration. If you have a lot of acne scars or dehydrated skin you should try this product out! However, if you don’t like the idea of sleeping with a mask on or worried about it getting on your sheets, it dries down pretty good without losing the moisture ( I can even sleep with my eye mask on and it’s fine). Or you can just use it as a regular mask, leave it on for at least 25 minutes or for a couple hours, then wash it off and apply your skincare. Either way, it’s great! I highly recommend!


Acure Radically Rejuvenating Eye Cream – This is another great product I found in Marshalls! Marshalls has some great skincare brands that are discounted, but not expired or old. I was on a hunt for a new eye cream and I love that this comes in a bottle, no need to dip my finger into a pot and a lot more travel-friendly. It is supposed to help with dark circles, wrinkle reduction, and puffiness. And after using this for almost a month, it has helped with my puffiness and slightly with the darkness under my eyes, but I don’t think I have used it long enough to see any wrinkle reduction. But, I love that it is unscented and absorbs into my skin easily. I use this both morning and night time and it hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin or made my concealer cake up underneath.


Hot Tools Rainbow 1 1/4 inch Curling Iron – my new baby! (Thank you to my sister for buying this for me!) Now that my hair is shorter, I don’t have that extra weight in my hair to weigh down my wavy curls, which has made styling a little harder. My hair used to be down to my waist, and I would let it air dry and my curls would be fine. But now that it is a little pasted my collarbone, it’s just been so fluffy and a little untameable. So on days that I had an interview or went outside around people (other than going to the grocery store), I would use this to style my hair. My hair is medium to thick, coarse and dry, with crazy puffiness all over, so styling with heat is sometimes the best option to smooth the waves down and tame my beast of hair. I love how fast this curler heats up and how the cord never gets tangled when you are curling your hair. I like the 1 1/4 inch size because it makes curls that aren’t too tight, but not so loose that they fall into nothing after a couple of hours. And the rainbow color is just so cool!


If you have read my recent Exercise Transforms Everything blog post, then you know that I’ve been back into yoga and have been loving it! This yoga mat is probably the reason why I have been able to keep it constant. This is a 12 mm thick yoga mat, the extra thickness helps cushion my overused joints from gymnastics and cheerleading and makes it so comfortable to do the poses. It’s been a while since I did gymnastics and cheer so my body isn’t as flexible as I remember, but using a yoga block really helped ground my foundation and gave me more stability. If you don’t know that a yoga block is used for, it’s basically used to bring the ground closer to you. So if you are standing and trying to touch your toes, but can’t fully reach the ground, the yoga block can be placed by your toes to bring the group closer to you. Not only does it help with stability during poses, but also helps your confidence in stretching. And I love that my yoga mat came with a yoga strap, makes it so much easier to carry around and for storing in the closet.


July was a pretty productive month for me, as we are passed the halfway mark of the year, it was about time to start job hunting and getting my life into check. This year started off to a slow start, studying for my exercise physiologist certification exam and getting ACLS and BLS certified, but now that it’s picking up speed it’s getting exciting! I feel more positive on life and what my future will look like, so now it’s just about filling in the all the little but necessary pieces to get there.

Every day, Lai day! Are you happy with your career path or do you have dreams about something else?

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