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Next Stop: Santa Monica, CA

For my birthday weekend, my older sister took my little sister and I out on a sister date to Santa Monica, CA. I haven’t been there in a super long time, around high school is probably around the last time I was there. Summer is the perfect time to go visit, there is the beach, the pier, shopping, and tons of places to eat at! This was my little sister’s first time to Santa Monica, so it was fun to see how excited she was to see everything.


We left after breakfast and got to Santa Monica a little before lunch time, so as we were pulling into the city we started Yelping  places to eat. After finding a place to park in one of the many parking structures, we walked down 3rd street towards the pier and ate lunch at the Independence. We shared the fish n’ chips and the cubano sandwich, and for my birthday they gave a complimentary scoop of vanilla ice cream! The fish n’ chips were to die for, super crispy and flaverful, and the cubano had so much meat inside!


After lunch we walked down towards the pier and beach. Because everyone is off from school and on holiday, it was alittle crowded, but still not too bad. I can see why tourist and locals love coming here, the beach was nice and there is lots of food near by.


It was a little hot by the pier, but as we walked back towards the shops, the air cooled off. Because we went during my birthday month, I had tons of coupons and discount codes to use! We used a coupon for everything we bought, so if you aren’t signed up for birthday perks, I suggest signing up before your birthday month. Some of the places we shopped at were: Disney, Bath & Body Works, Gap, L’Occitane, Uniqlo USA, Topshop, Adidas, Origins, Starbucks, Sephora, Anthropologie, and so much more! After the first round of shopping, we stopped by Carlo’s Bake shop for a cannoli! They didn’t have anymore chocolate cannoli, so we just tried the classic cannoli, BUT it was still delicious!


I can’t believe we spent the entire time shopping, with little drink snack breaks in between, but it was fun to have a little sister date and enjoy the nice weather. We kind of lost track of time so we didn’t eat dinner until around 8 pm, but it was still delicious! We ate dinner at North Italia, one of my older sister’s favorite restaurant. And they have gluten free options, which was a huge plus! I ordered a gluten free pizza, that had bacon, potatoes, egg and so much more on top. My sisters ordered chicken parmesan  and short rib pasta! Everything was so delicious!! And if you come here for your birthday, you get to pick anything off the dessert menu for free! But even if it wasn’t my birthday, I would still come here because it was so good!


It was so much fun to take a day trip with my sisters! I feel like you can appreciate things like this more when you are older, because as you get older it’s a little bit harder to meet each other and have free time to relax. But since we are all back home for the summer, it perfect time for us all to bond. And maybe next time we will let our older brother come along on our trip.

Every day, Lai day! Do you have any plans made for summer holiday??

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