The Lai Times

June Favorites (My Birthday Month!!)

Seriously can’t believe June ended yesterday… this month was full of laughter, shopping, and spending time with some of my favorite people! At the beginning of June, I was up in Sacramento, CA, visiting my grandparents and later stayed at my best friend’s apartment for a couple weeks. There we reunited with our best friend from South Korea and for 2 weeks we caught up with what’s been happening with each other for the past 4-5 years. A little exhausting, but all worth it!


Because I was living out of a suitcase for most of June, most of this month’s favorites were lifesavers for me during my trip to Northern California. So let’s begin with what I loved during the month of June:

  1. Sheet masks! Sometimes we would come back to the apartment late at night and after showering, the last thing I wanted to do was my night care routine… this is where sheet masks come into play! I would brush my teeth, shower then immediately put a facemask on for 15-20 minutes while laying in bed, then take it off, pat the excess serum into my skin, maybe add some moisturizer on top then fall asleep. My favorite ones are from ‘the SAEM’, they don’t irritate my skin and always leaves my skin feeling moisturized and plump!
  2. L-Lysine Supplements. This month since I was traveling around all of California and not getting my usual 8-10 hours of sleep (Yes I like to sleep) I started getting cold sore/mouth sores. Usually, I get these inside my mouth unfortunately when I’m either too stressed or not getting enough sleep. Taking L-Lysine was a recommendation from my aunt, I usually start taking 1000mg when I start to feel one forming and it usually stops it from forming all the way or if it’s already there it helps to heal it faster. Some other benefits of taking L-Lysine is for ance, wrinkles, hair growth, and may even help bone health. This month this has been a lifesaver along with my Vitamin C and B12.
  3. Crushed Petals Victoria Secret’s fragrance mist. I’m usually more of a perfume person than a fragrance mist, but sometimes you just can’t beat the price of a fragrance mist. In high school, my go-to scent was Secret Garden Victoria Secret’s fragrance mist, but sadly I think it has been discontinued because I can’t find it in store or on their website anywhere…and that was one of the reasons why I switched from fragrance mist to perfume. Sometimes I think that perfume has a wider range of scents and a mixture of scents, and of course last longer on my skin. This past month was Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual sale and that’s where I picked up this new scent. Their website says it has notes of dewy magnolia and violet leaves, which is hard for me to describe so if you are near a VS store one day, go inside and smell this fragrance!
  4. MISSHA All-around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+/PA+++. This is my new summer sunscreen! Even though its formulated for oily skin, my dry/combination skin has no problem with it. This is great for the summer weather because it helps control your sebum/oil and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or having a strange white/gray cast. I always make sure I have this stocked up in my drawer for the summer weather months! This sunscreen kept me protected from the strong sunshine and didn’t make me look like a grease ball. And because I’ve been embracing the ‘no makeup’ look, most days this is all I wear after my skincare routine.

Summer is in full swing and it couldn’t be more exciting! This is the first summer I’m back home and not having to take summer classes, so this will be a new experience, something I probably haven’t had since maybe high school…on the other note, I finally have my drivers license!! I have another blog post coming, all about driving and why it took me so long to finally get mine. So stay tuned!

Every day, Lai day! Can’t wait for this weekend’s bbq!!

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