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Hair story: lob style

For almost as long as I can remember, my hair has always been on the long side-meaning all the way to my waist.

Some background about my hair:

  • Slightly wavy/curly
  • Frizzy
  • Colored my hair many times, but growing out my old color
  • Regular trims every 3 months
I’ve colored my hair red, light brown, orange brown, burgundy, dark brown, and dark blue. But probably colored my hair red wine colors the most.

Because of my hair texture I always stayed with longer hair because then I could tame it with braids, ponytails, and buns. I’ve had my hair cut twice before in a shorter hair style, about to my collarbone. However, I quickly decided to grow it out each time, because it was so hard to style my hair and it would always get so poofy and frizzy when I got hot.

This was taken during my Arizona trip, my hair was probably almost to my waist.

The last time I cut my hair relatively short was in high school. Since my hair grows pretty fast I like to grow it out long then cut and donate it. Most places need your hair to be at least 8 or 9 inches long before they will accept the donation, so I would usually wait until my hair grows long enough to where if I would cut and donate it, what is left would be at an okay length for me to handle.

This was 3 years ago, a little after I cut my hair to donate

All throughout college I kept my hair length to around just under my boobs or around my waist. It was super convenient since I needed my hair back for most of my classes and labs, having long hair meant I could throw it into a bun or braid and it would be out of my way. However, since graduating I’ve been feeling the want to cut my hair slightly short than I would normally go for. Ever since I saw Selena Gomez’s lob hairstyle I have been obsessed with it. I mean even before that haircut, I have loved her hair! But the lob cut just seemed like such a perfect length between short and medium length and it seemed to work with her hair texture which I feel is quite similar to mine.

At graduation my hair was mid-back but after using a wand to curl it, it was a lot shorter

So for 6 months I’ve contemplated cutting my hair. But I just never found the time to go or the push to get it done never felt strong enough. But here I am 8 days into my Sacramento trip and I finally did it! One day at the mall watching my best friend getting her hair cut into an A-line bob and seeing the hair stylist cut her hair with care and precision I decided to trust her with my hair. I didn’t decide it right away but after shopping for a few hours and thinking about it the entire time, I decided to go back to the hair salon to have the same hair stylist cut my hair. Luckily we went on a Monday so she didn’t have that many appointments and fit me in.

After showing her a bunch of pictures and talking about my hair texture and face shape we decided to go for a blunt lob hair cut. And the stylist decided to square off the bottom slightly so that when its pushed back it would all be one length and when all the hair is pushed forward it’s still one length. So about an hour or so later I walked out feeling 6 inches lighter with beautifully cut hair. It’s now been about 2 days since the change and I’m still trying to get used to it, even as the hair stylist was drying my hair she commented that I looked like a totally new person. More mature and refined, which is great since soon I will be job hunting and doing interviews so looking more mature is a good look to go for since I look a lot younger than my age.

Right after she cut and styled my hair!!

It’s still taking me some time to get used to the new length, but the drying time after my shower has gotten slightly shorter and my hair just feels more healthy! And ofcourse with the extra weight taken off my waves/curls are a little bit more prominent, which I love. I’m in Sacramento for another week or so, so soon I will post what I’ve been up to here! Tonight I’m going with a friend to pick up my bestfriend from the San Francisco airport. Super excited to see her after almost 6 years!!

Every day, Lai day! Have you made any summer holiday plans??

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