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April Favorites

Being gone for the first week of April in Arizona, I feel like this month went by even faster than the other months! I keep joking with my sisters that before we know it, it will be Christmas!

This month I have been on more of a health kick than normal, I don’t know what it is, but exercising and eating healthy has been more on my radar since I came back from Arizona. Here are some of the things I have been love eating and doing to keep myself in shape!

On days when I don’t have blueberries, the smoothie stays bright green!

Making smoothies! It’s a lot warmer now in the morning so now I can drink a smoothie, before April it was too cold for me to make one to drink since hot coffee was all my body was craving. Here is my go to “recipe” for how I make my smoothies:

In a blender, add one banana, two handfuls of chopped kale (I buy a bag of cut and washed kale from Trader Joes’), two frozen strawberries, two large spoonfuls of frozen blueberries, two large spoonfuls of frozen mangoes, an inch of juice (usually its orange or pomegranate), one Teaspoon flax seeds, and one Tablespoon chia seeds. I just keep blending until all the kale is blended well and you can’t see any more of the leaf greens floating around. Pour it into a large glass cup, add a straw and I’m good to go!


Popsugar Fitness on Youtube! This channel has been my favorite since college, but just recently I have gotten back into doing their video routines in the morning before breakfast. I love how they have fully standing exercise videos, so I don’t have to get up and down from the yoga mat so many times. I try to do about 20-30 minutes of exercise total in the morning while waiting for my coffee to brew. I have been active my entire life, doing gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading, so making sure I stay fit and flexible is really important to me. By doing these fitness videos, I can have fun while exercising and I can do a variety of different ones. Some days I’ll do a 5-minute video a couple times or I’ll do a 10-minute video along with two different 5-minute videos.


Tangerines! My mom came home from the market with two bags of tangerines and I have been eating them non-stop. They are just too sweet and juicy! We have been picking up a new bag every Sunday after church to make sure we have enough to last the entire week. I usually eat about 1-2…3 tangerines a day, depends on my mood, but definitely at least one in the morning. Whenever I think of citrus fruits, I think Summer is not too far away and get really excited about all the holiday adventures!!



I have loved the thought of learning another language since middle school, where we had to pick our second language to learn during school. I learned French for a couple years and got pretty good at it, but with no one to speak it outside of school, I quickly forgot most of the French I learned. Then in college, even though I didn’t need to take a language since my major had too many units already, I decided to take a semester of Mandarin-Chinese. Being Chinese-American, my family really only speaks English, but after going through a slight identity crisis in college where I started to wonder why I didn’t know how to speak Chinese…when I was Chinese…I wanted to know how to speak and read Chinese, even just a little bit. And even if it was a different dialect than what my grandparents speak and understand. Since that Chinese class in college, I have been trying to keep up what little Chinese I know, through my textbook, Chinese dramas, books…and then I found this application called ‘Chinese Skills’. Simple and easy, nothing fluffy or crazy, just an application to help me learn and understand new Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences. Most nights I’ll play on the app. until I pass a new skill and move onto a new skill lesson. This has really helped me learned more words and mentally helped me come to terms with lack of Chinese language skills, but know that my lack of it doesn’t define me as a person.


Pichuberry Jam. I mentioned this in my Artisan Gluten-Free Bread post, as this is my new favorite jam to spread on my bread after putting some butter on it. This was a new discovery from the Uptown Farmer’s Market in Arizona from one of the booths. As both of my parents love fruit and growing them…hence all the fruit trees in our backyard. This discovery of a new fruit and a SUPERFRUIT at that was something they had to try. And I have to say it has quickly become my favorite along with strawberry jam. I’m not too sure where else you can get a hold of Pichuberry jam, but once we are halfway done with this bottle, I’m gonna have to start researching!

I really can’t believe that April is over…I mean seriously this year is going by way too fast! It’s almost Summer! Which I can’t wait for since my birthday is during the Summer! The only thing I’m not really looking forward to, is the super hot weather we get here in the Summer time…I mean it’s nice when it’s warm, but when it’s so hot and the wind is also hot….it’s not the greatest. Also, my certification exam is in 2s weeks, so I really need to crack down and study hard for this exam.

On a side note: It’s May 1st…and we got a little bit of rain and it was 66F degrees….what is with this weather…it was so warm 2 days ago…

Every day, Lai day! Spring is here!!


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