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Next stop: Arizona

My family and I spent a week in Arizona and it was full of site-seeing and eating food. I already posted a What I wore and What I ate for this trip so I’ll link those here. In this post, I thought I would share the places that we visited and some of these we did as a family. We were only here for a week and with a big family there was still a lot of things I wanted to do but wasn’t able to (like the long hiking trips!). If you have any suggestions for places to visit or hiking trails, please comment down below so myself and others can go explore them!

White Tank Mountains

We hiked in the morning around 9 am to hopefully be done before the sun got too hot! The weather was actually really nice, not too hot, and in the shade it was cool. This was a nice change to most hiking trails we have done in the past and seeing all the different cactus along the way was fun. I would love to come back here and do more of the trails.

Uptown Farmers Market

There was so much to see here! What surprised me the most was the kind of fruit and jam they had here. We bought some jam from a booth selling pichuberry jam, a superfood that I haven’t heard of before. After trying a sample we decided it tasted between a strawberry and orange marmalade kind of flavor and bought some to give out for Mother’s Day gifts. For most trips, we like to visit a farmer’s market so we can see things grown locally and buy items for relatives back home.

Cerreta Candy Co.

This was one of my Dad’s pick for visiting since he loves chocolate and candy. It was fun to go on the self-tour and get samples of chocolate covered pretzels. It was so interesting to see off the different types of candy they make here, and the smell inside is just so wonderful! After exploring and seeing all the different types of candy they make, we decided to buy some to taste. Everything we bought tasted delicious!

Papago Park

This had to be favorite place during the entire trip. There was so much to see and walk around in this park. We got here late in the afternoon and stayed to see the sunset at the top of a hill where Hunt’s Tomb is located. Everywhere we walked there were little-hidden treasures, we walked all around the park and even saw the Phoenix Zoo from the top of some hills. The view from the Hole-in-the-Rock was AMAZING! You can climb into the hole and there is a place you can sit and see out into the park and city. I sat there for a while and just looked out at the scenery below, it’s a great spot to get inspiration or just have some “me-time”.

Downtown Scottsdale

My mom’s pick was to see the ‘LOVE’ sign, we tried to see it on our first night here, but realized that at night time it would be hard to take a picture with it. So we just took a picture of the map and came back a day later when the sun was out. Coming during springtime meant that everything was in bloom and was so pretty! We even stopped by the ‘Little Red Schoolhouse Musem’, it was like walking back in time to the early 1900s. There is a lot to see downtown, so I suggest you bring walking shoes and lots of water.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA)

This museum can be found in the Old Town district of downtown Scottsdale. I had so much fun walking around the museum and seeing all the different artwork. After walking inside the museum, make sure to go outside and see the ‘Knight Rise’ outside. Walking around was so inspiring and I loved how they had a gift shop off to the side! I would definitely recommend you to visit here.


As a family who has a huge backyard and loves to garden, coming to Agritopia was a no-brainer. Seeing the fields of produce and walking around the shops inside, it was a fun experience. They even have a place called ‘The Farm at Agritopia’ where you can buy some of the produce, shirts, and even flavored sugar cubes for tea or coffee. And after walking around and taking pictures, you can eat at Joe’s Farm Grill, a location that Guy Fieri from ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ has been to. The food there was fresh and delicious! If you have time, I highly recommend the Fontina burger and beet salad.

I had so much fun with my family on this trip during Spring Break! If you have been to Arizona before, let me know some of your favorite spots to stop at! I would love to add to my list of places to visit here.

Every day, Lai day! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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