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What I wore: Arizona edition

I’m finally back from holiday in Arizona and the weather there was super nice this time of year. I was expecting it to be super hot, but since it’s not as humid there the sunshine was bearable. My trip was packed with hiking, seeing nature, and filling my stomach with the best food we could find.

Monday: We left LA at 6 am and the drive to Scottsdale, Arizona took us about 5-6 hours. Since I was in the car for a long time, I wanted to make sure I was comfy since I get carsick pretty easily. But, I knew we were going to explore once we arrived so I didn’t want to wear sweats in the car. I ended up wearing a maxi marble grey dress, oversized burgundy cardigan, and my trusty Adidas shoes along with a hat to keep the sun off my face since I was wearing glasses. After having lunch, we decided to explore the Historic Heritage Square and the Science Park in Downtown Phoenix.

So sad most of the places here were closed…

Tuesday: We went on our first hike at White Tank Mountains to see the waterfall, but since there was no heavy rain before we came…there was no water flowing at the end of the waterfall trail. But, the trail was nice and easy so my entire family had no problems making it to the end. It was around 70F degrees when we left our house, so I wore Adidas climate-cool leggings, a cropped tank top, with my black Puma shoes and a hat. I haven’t been in the sun that much since I left for university 5 years ago…so I also brought a light-weight denim shirt to wear just in case it seemed like the sun was too strong for my skin. I’m someone that would rather be a little hot than let my skin burn. And since I’m slightly on the pale side, even with sunscreen on I’m super careful in the sun.

Wednesday: It was about time we visit an outdoor market in Arizona and we settled on the Uptown Farmers Market due to its location to our house and was open on a Wednesday. Today I wore an A-line denim skirt that had a tie belt, along with a form-fitting blue and white striped scoop neck shirt. And since we were not hiking right away, I threw on my comfy slippers that along had blue, red, and white stripes on them. The soles of these slipper are pretty squishy which makes them comfy for me to walk in them for a long time. After the Farmers Market, we explored Catlin Court Historic District and all the little house shops!

After a late lunch, I changed into denim shorts and a black Adidas t-shirt, along with my 3-striped black Adidas shoes. I was planning on just changing my skirt to shorts, but after our large BBQ lunch, that form-fitting shirt was not a good idea. So I wore the t-shirt I bought on sale earlier that day that was in the back of the car. And a good thing too because it was so much easier to climb up the rock in a shirt that had some room in it!

Thursday: Today we were exploring Downtown Scottsdale which has lots of districts within it, such as Arts district and Old Town. We visited The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts (The SMOCA) and took the trolley to see the other parts of Downtown (the trolley is free and has A/C!). Today I wore a red off the shoulder maxi dress that had a small floral print all over with my striped slippers. The dress kept my legs covered from the sun for the most part, but since the fabric was super light and the dress had a semi-high slit, it kept me cool.



Friday: The last of the exploring was today along with the Phoenix Suns basketball game at night time. The first part of the day was spent at the Riparian Preserve and Agritopia to see nature and farming. Then by 5 pm, we started making our way back to the city area to the Talking Stick Resort Arena to see the basketball game. Today I wore a blue floral two-piece playsuit and my striped Adidas shoes. Originally we were supposed to go back to the house to rest before the game, but last minute change to go to the Outlets meant we couldn’t drive back and forth without wasting time…which meant I wasn’t able to change before the game…and so I was slightly freezing in the arena. Thank goodness my older brother gave my little sister and me his sweatshirt to use as a blanket during the game.




Saturday: We left Arizona after breakfast to make our way back to California. And since I was going to be in the car again for a long time, I chose to wear my black t-shirt dress so I would be comfy, but if we stopped at an Outlet or landmark along the way home I didn’t look like a mess. I also decided to wear my slippers even though they would be easier to pack than my Puma or Adidas shoes, but my preference of slippers over shoes won over.

The entire trip I either used my black leather backpack or fanny pack. Using a backpack or fanny pack allowed me to be hands-free and with all the zippers, I could be sure that my things would be safe while walking around or hiking. I also kept my large Hydroflask in the car filled with ice and water so that I could fill up my little water bottle as the day went on.

I had so much fun exploring Arizona with my family! Hope I can come back sometime later to see what else Arizona has to offer! But, now that I’m back home…it’s time to get back to studying and helping around the house.

Every day, Lai day! How was your Spring Break??

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