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Travel Make up Bag Essentials

With Spring Break upon us and Summer vacation quickly coming up, these are my travel make up essentials. These days I have been sporting the ‘no makeup’ makeup look quite often, which is why my travel make up bag has downsized a lot from what I used to pack. As someone that that follows the ‘more is more’ instead of ‘less is more’ approach in most aspects of my life, for traveling…I am slowly trying to move towards the ‘less is more’ approach. But it’s pretty hard since I am someone that likes to plan and be ready for anything. Hence why if I can bring two carry-ons and a check-in luggage, you better believe that I’m gonna bring all three and fill them to the max weight!


But, while traveling back and forth from college to home on holidays, my ‘more is more’ sometimes got me in trouble…like making me pay the overweight fee or having to struggle to compress my carry on luggage because you cannot have your luggage in the extended size…because it won’t fit in the overhead space…but that is for another post. Here I will be sharing what I packed for my Spring Vacation trip. Usually, my make up bag size depends on how long my trip is or the location, but I try to pack products that can be used with my fingers as packing my entire brush set can be kind of ridiculous. But if you like using brushes then, by all means, pack the ones you need, however, as this is Spring break and it’s going to be hot I try to limit the amount of products I put on my face.


  • Clinique Even Better Glow – SPF 15 (breeze-CN 02)
    The texture of this is lighter than most BB creams that I have, which is why I packed it and the glow factor is so beautiful. And the tint of color plus the glow this has helps give life to my rather dull pale skin. I also like that I can apply this with just my fingers and it blends in seamlessly.
  • Glossier Stretch Concealer (light)
    We usually go hiking sometime during our vacation, so for those days, I will just dab a little of this concealer under my eyes and on little spots that I want to cover. This allows my skin to breathe for the most part while we hike and I don’t have to worry about my make up dissolving under the hot sun while I sweat. This concealer is great because it’s not cakey even though its a pot concealer and it doesn’t settle into my fine lines.
  • Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
    Vacation means there will probably be lots of pictures, plus the sun factor…and I do not want to look shiny or greasy in those pictures. This mineral powder is super fine and doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin. I also like this use this to powder my nose, as I will be wearing my glasses or sunglasses a lot…I don’t want them to be sliding down my nose.
  • Benefit Dandelion Blush – travel size
    This blush gives me a nice natural flush of color with a hint of glow, making my skin look super healthy. As my skin color is pretty pale, this blush is light enough to add some color without seeming clownish. And I can also use this blush as an eyeshadow if I need a little extra color for those nights out!
  • Nature Republic Botanical Stick Highlighter (02)
    Being on vacation I think of having dewy skin that is glowing but not sparkly. This cream stick highlighter makes applying easy as you can apply directly with the stick or use your fingers. This gives my skin a ‘lit from within’ look making me look super fresh!
  • Punky Hoy Shadow Palette (#01 Layered Brown)
    This eyeshadow palette only has three colors, but its enough to create simple make up looks. There is a light peachy beige color, a warm orange-brown with a little shimmer, and a deep chocolate brown matte shadow. For a quick ‘no makeup’ look this is all I need to freshen myself up in the morning and if we are going out at night, I can use the matte brown shadow for an easy smoky look!
  • So Young Stick Shadow (#02)
    I have always liked to have shimmer and glitter on my eyes more so than on my skin, which is why I always have some kind of shimmer stick shadow to brighten up my eyes or add some glitter. Because the palette I packed is more warm-tone, I packed this burnt copper shimmer stick shadow to give a little sparkle to my eyes. I can either use this on top of the shadows from my palette or just swipe this all over my eyes and blend with my fingers. Super easy!
  • Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara
    My all-time favorite mascara! If your eyelashes don’t hold a curl well or are a little sparse, you need to try this mascara! Or if you just like thick lashes! This mascara lengthens my lashes while holding my curl and adding some volume. Also, this mascara does not budge! Once you put it on, it’s on until you take it off with makeup remover! Perfect for vacation or everyday!
  • Glossier Boy Brow (brown)
    I have naturally full brows, so I don’t do much to them other than brushing them and swiping on some of this brow mascara to keep them in place during the day. I like that its packaging is small, but gets the job done! And the color matches my brows perfectly!
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – travel size (03 mightiest maraschino)
    Even if I am wearing less makeup, colored lips are a must for me or else I look sick. A red gradient lip is my go to, since a bold red lip might be a little too strong for a simple vacation look. I also love how moisturizing this makes my lips feel and it easy to put on without a mirror due to the shape of the lip bullet.
  • Glossier Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve Original
    This stuff is lifesaving! You can use it pretty much anywhere and it keeps it from getting dry or chapped. And it has no color so you can top this over your lip color or use it on your eyes for a wet glossy look! Also sometimes on long trips, my cuticles and finger start to get dry and crack, so this is great for keeping them deeply hydrated!

Do you have plans for Spring Break??

Every day, Lai day! Have fun!!

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      1. No I haven’t! With Asian brands they have to say lengthening AND volume otherwise they don’t do anything for my lashes. The regular curling ones are great for small lashes but don’t seem to do much for my long lashes except separate.


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