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March Favorites 2018

Can you believe it?! We are almost to the halfway, halfway point of the year!! And finally, the weather is starting to really warm up, which means bringing back out the dresses and shorts! Growing up in Los Angeles, wearing shoes with socks wasn’t something I did often. I usually just wore my Rainbow slippers or some strappy sandals. It wasn’t until I moved to Sacramento, CA when my shoe collection began to grow, with the slow addition of sneakers and boots. These days since we had an unexpected rain shower a week ago and the weather is still a little chilly in the mornings, I have been reaching for my sneakers over my sandals. Keep reading to see what other things I have been reaching for during the month of March!

  1. Adidas Sneakers
    While I was in college, my collection of Adidas shoes grew tremendously. The reason why I love these shoes so much is because the sole of the shoe fits my foot perfectly. Before these shoes, I would always insert a sole cushion into all of my closed toe shoes because they just weren’t that comfy. But Adidas shoes are so comfy that I have been omitting the sole cushion altogether because the sole of these shoes is so comfortable! Which is why I have so many in different styles and colors. And I love simple design with the stripes and the pop of color I can add to my outfit since I usually wear black and white.
  2. Flamin’ Hot Lays Ruffles
    Not much to say but there are just so GOOD! When we went food shopping, my little sister and I were walking around waiting for my mom to finish picking out the things she needed, and somehow ended up in the chip aisle. My little sister was about to pick up another bag of Hot Cheetos since we just finished the bag at home when I saw these Flamin’ Hot Lays Ruffles on the underneath. It took us maybe three days to finish the entire bag…yea three days! These were not as spicy as Hot Cheetos but just as addicting! It’s on our list for next weeks shopping trip.
  3. Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray
    I usually don’t blow dry my hair since it takes forever and my arm usually gets tired before I’m done drying my hair. But, since my little sister and I are sharing a room these days, and I try to sleep when she does so I don’t disrupt her, I don’t have the luxury to wait 4-5 hours for my hair to fully air dry. This heat protectant spray is one I have been using since middle school. I love the smell it has, the fine mist it comes out as, and it protects my hair from heat damage. I wrap my wet hair in a towel wrap right out of the shower to help soak up the extra water before I blow dry. Then I spray all my hair with the heat protectant and blast my hair with hot air for about a min, just to get the drying process going, then I switch the hair dryer to cool air and finish drying my scalp. I usually just make sure my scalp is fully dry and the rest of my hair I let air dry over night.
  4. Burt’s Bee Original Chapstick
    This has always been a favorite of mine, but it wasn’t until last Christmas when I recieved one as a gift that I started to use it again. Burt’s Bee is a little bit more expensive, I think for chapstick, but its worth it if my lips stay hydrated! I have been using lots of different chapsticks and have lots of half used ones, but Burt’s Bee is probably the only chapstick that I have used all the way and repurchsed. Some may not like the minty tingly feeling, but I love it!
  5. NCT 2018 Empathy
    I have always been a huge fan of K-pop since growing up a lot of my friends were Korean and listened to it, I naturally fell in love with the music style and outfits! I usually don’t favor one group♥ too much over another and just listen to the playlists Spotify already created. But, this past month SM Entertainment’s NCT released a new album called NCT 2018 Empathy. And as a long fan of SM artists and as someone who has been waiting for NCT to let all those trainees finally debut and have af ull album, I was beyond excited to see all the subunits come together! The group NCT as a whole is kindof hard to understand for some, but the music they all produce is just wonderful. And you can’t help but appreciate all the talent that they have at such a young age. Sometimes when I watch them perform and see all the passion flowing out of them, it’s contagious and makes me want to work harder for things that I want to accomplish as well! Since the album has been released, I have been listening to it non-stop! If you never heard of them, I’ll leave some links to the different subunits under NCT and hopefully you will like it as much as me!
    NCT 2018 Empathy
    Black on Black
    NCT U – Without YouBOSS, Baby Don’t Stop
    NCT 127 – Touch, Cherry Bomb
    NCT Dream – GO, JoyMy First and Last 

What have you been loving or using a lot in the month of March?

Do you have plans for Spring break?? I can’t wait to go hiking and be surrounded by nature!

Every day, Lai day! Looking forward to Spring Break♥

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