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The Book of Fat Loss

Once I started college, more often than not when I told people what I was majoring in their first response was “Oh! I want to lose weight…help me”. For some background reference, I started out studying Athletic Training but later changed my major to Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. If you don’t know what Kinesiology is that’s okay, half of my family didn’t either, it’s basically the study of how the body moves with my focus being exercise and wellness.

During my time in college, I learned how to create exercise plans, progression and regression of exercises, and the important balance between eating and exercise. One class I took was called Energy Production & Sports Performance, and this class was an eye-opener to dieting and all the factors that go into creating the optimal inner body for top performance. We had many references and textbooks for this class, but the text that stood out the most was Sean Croxton’s The Dark Side of Fat Loss Lessons from the Underground. Like the title suggests, it dives into the “dark side” of fat loss, a new way of viewing your body that is not sugar-coated, but told straight up just like your best friend would tell you. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s the starting point to recover.

Every week we would be assigned chapters to read that would prompt our discussions during class. The day I got my book I finished it in two days. The way the book was written it makes reading easy, as it’s written like your best friend is talking to you. And like anything your best friend tells you, you take it to heart with a pinch of salt. As you read, it gets you thinking and rethinking the choices you made in the past, to lose weight and to get healthy. But I’m not telling you to blindly follow everything in this book, but instead, use it as an idea bank to get your new life started that makes sense to you. Within the first chapter, there was this quote “The Box tells you that you need to lose fat to get healthy. The book will convince you that you need to get healthy to lose fat”. And my brain just went BOOM!

And for this, I agree, before you can start losing fat, it’s best to change your lifestyle to become healthy first, and then losing fat will follow. If you are someone that has tried and failed at conventional diets and exercise plans, I’d like to refer this book to you. One month into the class I was hooked! I told my entire family about this book through email and referred it to the entire floor of my work during lunch one day. Many who later told me that they referred the book to their loved ones. And because of my major, I became the point person for anything fitness and lifestyle related in the office. In which I was happy to help any way I could.

If this sounds interesting to you, I would suggest first checking out the website, and then deciding for yourself. As people around me are trying to get swole for the summer, getting injured due to signs of aging, and doing crazy things to fit into clothes I decided that I should share some of the things that I learned from school. I mean I did get a degree in it, so I feel I should do my part to help those around me. And with that I want to leave with one more quote from the book, “Health has nothing to do with how many pounds you can bench or how you look in a bikini. It is about being free from the signs and symptoms of disease”.

Every day, Lai day! One step towards getting healthy! ♥

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