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Next stop: Las Vegas

Family vacations are something that I look forward to each year. As all my siblings and I get older, vacation time is one of the few times we can come and doing something together. As there are six in my family, vacations have been gradually getting more and more expensive. There are always bigger and newer things each year that we want to experience and see for ourselves. Las Vegas has always been a distant memory in my head from childhood. The last time I went there, I only had two older siblings and we were so young that all I remember is eating at the buffets. Now going with my little sister and many years older, we thought it was time to appreciate what Las Vegas has to offer.

My family and I love the outdoors and hiking, so when planning this trip we looked up places to see nature.


Our first stop was Rainbow Rock! We stopped here on way to Las Vegas and because we left so early to beat the traffic out of Los Angeles, we arrived here with no one else around. Just as the sun began to rise into the sky, we were walking from our car parked on the dirt road to these beautifully colored rocks.



We were here at the end of December and even though the air was really cold — hence the many layers, scarf, hat, and long puffy jacket. But once the sun came out it was pretty warm. Luckily our puffy jackets were packageable (thanks to Uniqlo) and we were able to hike without having to carry large jackets around.





If you love to see nature then driving out to see the Valley of Fire is a must!

It was so breathtaking out there!

The next day we went exploring at Red Rock National Park.


It was quite a hike to get up to where we were, so take your time so you don’t hurt yourself. My dad didn’t hike all the way up since he doesn’t have good knees, but even he got a good view hiking up half way.





We ate a lot of food while we were here, but here are some of the stand out places!


After 7 Magic Mountain, we drove to Griddlecakes for breakfast. My mom and I shared one of their breakfast skillets and good thing we shared because it was huge! Below is what my little sister ordered, a huge plate of smores pancakes. Everything was so good here! The only downside is that the place is a little small, so you probably have to wait a while before eating, but the wait is so worth it!



Before heading to The Valley of Fire, we stopped by Donut Bar to pick up breakfast.
I had a tiger tail and it was sooooooo good!


This was probably one of my favorite things we had during our stay here, besides eating dinner at the M hotel buffet. This beautiful egg skillet is from Egg Works.  An again good thing my mom and I shared because this skillet could probably feed 2-3 people. The skillet itself was longer than my hands put side to side. The atmosphere inside this place very warm and inviting, and smelled wonderful!

Looking forward to our Spring break adventure this year! The Google sheet and Google map has been prepped and is filled with all the locations of places we want to visit.

Can’t wait until then!

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