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GF Maple Bacon & Chocolate Mini Donuts

As the Super Bowl is tomorrow, the menu has been set for 2 weeks now. Everyone knows what they are cooking or bringing to the house. Whether or not your team made it to the Super Bowl, people still use this as an occasion to gather and eat great food together. Growing up doing sports with my brother and sisters, we always have some sports game playing on the TV in the background during the day. And as the winter Olympics are approaching the excitement is growing each day in our house.

In our house, I am one of the bakers so my contribution to the meal is dessert! These baked maple bacon and chocolate donuts are yummy and so cute!


The crispy bacon on top is everything!


Chocolate donuts with vanilla glaze


My older sister loves sweet things, so over time, we accumulated lots of different baking pans, one of them being these mini donut pans. As a family we love donuts! Whenever we go on vacation or are out and about on errands, donuts are always a snack that we have. As I’m on my way to becoming gluten-free, I baked half of these using a gluten-free flour mix adapted from Land O’ Lakes and baked the others using regular flour.


The gluten-free baked maple bacon donuts were adapted from King Arthur Flour recipe. I followed the recipe very closely, except instead of baking the bacon into the donut, I left it off until I dipped the donut into the maple glaze. That way everyone at the party would know that this was a bacon donut. And for the chocolate donuts, they were adapted from Nicole’s gluten-free chocolate cake donuts. However, instead of a chocolate glaze on top, I just did a plain sugar glaze and colored sprinkles. Mini donuts are great for any occasion, and you can change up the toppings and glazes depending on the theme.

Donut worry. Be happy!

These will be a hit tomorrow at the party as they are mini, so for those still on their New Year’s resolution of eating healthy, they can still eat one without feeling too guilty. Mini in size also lets you have room for all the other desserts and drinks that will be at the party. Also, these are easy to eat, no need for a plate and a fork just a napkin and you are good to go.

While getting these pans out, I also found our mini heart shaped donut pans! Looking forward to Valentine’s Day when I can put these to good use!

Will you be watching the game tomorrow? What will you be eating?


Every day, Lai day! Happy eating~ ♥

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