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Toppings for your toast

Being the bread lover I am, bread is a staple in the morning — busy or slow ones. Toasted bread is easy to make in the morning, just pop it in the toaster oven and in less than a minute you have warm toast ready to be eaten! For my toast, I try to bake my own when I have time such as Victoria’s gluten-free Japanese Milk bread or Nicole’s gluten-free white bread. But, when I don’t have time to bake bread, I’ll swing by Sprouts and pick up one of Canyon Bakehouse’s bread.

On days where I’m looking for something sweet in the morning, I’ll make Nutella, banana, and goji berry toast. A play on Nutella, chocolate chip and banana sandwiches my friend would share with me in elementary school during snack time.


These are so yummy to eat with a hot cup of coffee in the morning and so easy to make. After your toast is ready, slather on as much or as little Nutella you want, slice some bananas on top, and finish off with a sprinkle of goji berries. If I know I’m going to eat this on the go, I’ll sprinkle the goji berries after the Nutella so it has something to stick to, and then I’ll top that off with my banana slices.


Happiness is the smell of toasted bread in the morning ♥


Another great toast I like to eat when I’m feeling sluggish in the morning is spinach and egg toast. I also like to eat this if I know I have a lot of things planned for the day, as all the nutrients from the toast, egg, and spinach will keep me going for a long time. This toast only requires a little bit more time than the other toast, but still just as easy.



While my bread is being toasted, I’ll heat up a skillet with some olive oil and crack in my egg once it’s hot enough. Once the egg is almost done cooking, I’ll throw in some spinach and let it finish cooking altogether. Then take the ready toast out of the oven, pour the egg and spinach on top, and then either eat it plain or put ketchup or salsa over it.

Some other options I eat are:

  • butter and jam
  • peanut butter or almond butter and bananas
  • sliced ham or turkey with egg and spinach
  • avocado with salt and pepper

The toppings for bread are endless, as bread serves as a blank canvas for all your ideas.
I just love it! ♥♥

What do you like to eat with your toast? Are you butter and jam bread eater or do you like to pile toppings on top?


Every day, Lai day! Happy eating! ♥


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