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Coming from a family of six, my mother has the task to cook dinner that will satisfy everyone’s taste. However, on nights where it’s just my little sister, my mom and I home for dinner we like to experiment outside our normal dinner dishes. And that is usually with Korean food! I’m not sure how this became a tradition … could be because we are the only three that like to eat spicy food, or that my little sister is learning Korean as her second language in school, or just the fact that Korean food is just so yummy and pretty simple to cook.

For nights like these, we either order takeout from our local Korean fried chicken restaurant or cook up kimchi stew (김치찌개). However, the dish for tonight was bibimbap (비빔밥), which is a dish with rice on the bottom of the bowl topped with various veggies, meat, and usually a fried egg. This dish was picked due to my little sister and I watching some Korean drama and they ate this for lunch. Of course, they made it look so good on screen — so we were determined to cook bibimbap and have the same experience for ourselves!

Luckily we live in a city were Korean markets are plentiful and with a recipe in hand we went off to buy all the ingredients. The recipe we used as a base was from Maangchi whose cookbook I acquired during college.

Fried kimchi, cooked shredded carrots, cooked red bell pepper slices, cooked cucumber slices, cooked spinach, cooked marinated beef, blanched soybean sprouts, and sauteed fishcakes

One of the reasons why we like bibimbap so much is because of all the pretty colors and the assortment of veggies along with the marinated meat. Also, you can substitute any of the veggies with anything you already have on hand in your fridge! This dish is also good at transforming all those little containers of leftovers. By looking at the recipe it may seem time-consuming to cook each veggie separate, but this helps preserve the veggie’s color, but if you don’t care about the transfer of color from one veggie to another then, by all means, cook them all together.


Another great thing about this dish is that you can cook everything ahead of time and assemble the dish when you are ready to eat. All you need to do is cook or heat up some rice, place the veggies and meat in the bowl and then top it off with a freshly fried egg!!


Such a yummy dish full of nutrients and protein!


Every day, Lai day! Happy eating~

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