The Lai Times

Into the New World

5 years later…

New year, new you. Moving back home after living in Northern California for college has been a welcomed change. Going from my two person Loft back to a house of six and sharing a room with my little sister brings back the saying “home sweet home”.

A big part of the welcomed change of moving has definitely been the weather. When I left Northern California the weather was a high of 39 degrees Fahrenheit with the low being somewhere in the 20s and had winds going 20 mph. For some people that is completely normal and they enjoy it, but for someone that grew up in sunny Southern California, the winter weather from up North was something that I had a hard time adjusting to while going to school. These past few weeks since I have been home, I have seen and felt the sunshine more than I have in last few months of school. No longer do I need to think if I want to bring my Uniqlo roll-up puffy jacket or a scarf…or two with me to campus, instead, it’s do I want to say in my pajamas and robe all day or change into house clothes.

The struggle to transition from University student to just a person at home has been slow. Not only has the dynamic shifted, but my headspace as well. Before my head was filled with worries about exams scores, what to cook for dinner, and if I could finish washing my clothes before bedtime. Now the stress is on waiting for graduate schools to respond, getting my driver’s license, and if I get rejected from schools…now what.

To a year that will hopefully be full of options, completed checklists, and laughter!

…because I am Lai One and Only

I stayed on my own path and did not follow the herd. I made a way for myself
— Eartha Kitt

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