Rachel eats

Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Gluten Free

My favorite kind of bread to eat is cinnamon raisin bread! So coming home after my trip to Sacramento, I was determined to satisfy my craving by baking a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, gluten-free of course! It's perfect for breakfast or for that late night snack when you want something a little sweet! Brew a cup of coffee or tea and you are ready to indulge in something delicious!

Travel Lai Way

Next Stop: Sacramento, CA

It was so good to be back in Sacramento after being gone for 6 months! And being able to see both my best friends again was great! This was a much needed get together after studying hard for 6 months straight! We all had so much fun eating, shopping, and catching up with everyone! Can't wait until we all get together again!!

The Lai Times

Hair story: lob style

After contemplating cutting my hair for over 6 months, I finally decided to do it! Instead of my usually 3 inch trim, I went for a lob hair cut! Cutting off around 6 inches of hair to create a simple blunt lob cut. Just in time for the summer weather, I can't wait to see how my hair holds up during the rise in temperature as summer gets closer and closer. But for now, I'm super happy with my hair and how much lighter it feels and the dry time also got shorter after showers, which is much appreciated!

The Lai Times

In the Month of May + Favorites

This past month had to have been the most packed moth yet! With Mother's Day, birthday celebrations, award ceremonies, my certification exam, and more, I can't believe we managed to get everything done this month. After months of preparing for my certification exam, I finally went to the testing center and sat for about 4 hours straight to complete my exam. I was also so happy that I was able to see my old Korean International class partner before he went back to South Korea!! This month was fully of appointments, but I can't wait for June!! My birthday month! And I'm kicking off June by going back to Sacramento to visit my grandparents and some of my best friends from college! It's going to be so much fun!!

Rachel eats

My Favorite Cranberry Orange Cookies – Gluten-free

My favorite Joy the Baker cookbook was given to me for my birthday during high school. Her Cranberry Orange Poppyseed cookie recipe was one of my favorites! But, now that I'm trying to eat more gluten-free since I've become sensitive to gluten, trying to remake her recipe in a gluten-free version has been on my radar. Here is my take on her cookie recipe but for those that are gluten-free and still want to snack on a delicious cookie filled with cranberries and the scent of oranges!